Cuba thanks Moscow for quick help after disaster

The Cuban leadership has thanked Russia for helping in the aftermath of hurricane Ike, which caused great devastation on the island. Government officials expressed their gratitude during a meeting in the Council of State

The delegation arrived in Cuba on Monday with a working visit.

“We are grateful for the help, and especially for the quickness of this help,” CSC Vice President Carlos Lage said.

The Cuban side also said they hope for Russia’s help, after it has already sent them four planes with emergency humanitarian aid.

Russia is to supply food and medicine to Cuba as the island recovers after the devastating hurricane Ike. Moscow is also sending electricity generating equipment.

And a number of Russian energy and construction companies are said to be ready to assist in restoring the island's infrastructure and enterprises.

More than 100,000 Cuban houses and factories were damaged when three hurricanes have recently hit the area, Ike being the most disastrous one.