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19 Feb, 2013 17:01

More than 90 crime bosses held as Moscow police raid criminal gatherings (VIDEO)

Law enforcers have detained around 100 crime bosses during the two so-called ‘thieves' meetings’ in the Russian capital. Two simultaneous police operations took place in different parts of the city on Monday night.

"On Monday night members of Moscow police had two simultaneous special operations to curb the so-called ‘thieves’ gatherings’ in the east and north-west of Moscow, arresting a total of more than 90 people," Interfax news agency quoted a spokesperson for the Moscow Police as saying.In one of the cafes in the east of the city Moscow police detained more than 50 natives of Azerbaijan, who had allegedly intended to celebrate the so-called 'coronation’ of one of their number. "During the arrest the visitors to the city tried to get rid of several firearms, which were confiscated and sent for ballistic and fingerprint examination," said the spokesperson.Another 40 crime bosses from different parts of Russia, including the North Caucasus, were detained inside a sauna in the north-west of Moscow. One of them was captured in possession of a battle gun. Several other detainees carried traumatic weapons without any legal permits.All of the detainees were taken to Moscow police departments, where they conducted the necessary operational and investigative activities. The issue of bringing them to criminal and administrative responsibility is “currently under consideration.”The names of the detainees are not being disclosed in the interest of the investigation, nor is reason for the meeting. Another recent large gathering of criminal gang members was interrupted by law enforcers several days after the death of one of Russia’s most notorious criminal masterminds, Mafia godfather Aslan Usoyan, also known as ‘Grandpa Hassan’. Moscow police detained 23 organized crime leaders during a get-together at a suburban restaurant, where they had been planning to map out a strategy following the death of the underworld chief.Usoyan was shot dead in central Moscow on January 16. A sniper fired at the 75-year-old as he was leaving a restaurant in Povarskaya Street. The crime boss died from his injuries soon after he was taken to hospital.