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10 Apr, 2012 18:01

Off-road rage: Wrathful gynecologist brings showroom down (VIDEO)

Ever gotten a bit angry having to wait a minute too long for a car tune-up? Not as angry as this guy. A Moscow gynecologist in the throes of a nervous breakdown decided the auto dealership which sent him over the edge was going down with him.

Using his Suzuki Grand Vitara as a battering ram, the 35-year-old doctor charged the packed storefront of the Pelican auto dealership in Northern Moscow like 166 horses on a rampage.In the three minutes of bedlam that ensued, the dealership’s entire Nissan showroom was laid to waste.  The store’s manager originally thought the driver had mistakenly slammed on the gas instead of the brakes.  But when he persisted on breaking through the store front, fears abounded he was a terrorist with a car bomb in tow.After the car broke down in a cloud of smoke and sparks, security guards broke the driver’s side window, pulled him out, and hog tied him.Upon being restrained, the man shouted that he was a doctor with two children, and that he had problems.  Crying for help, he implored those around him to call the police, a request they easily obliged.Four cars were destroyed in the rampage, as well as everything else on and around the showroom floor. Luckily for everyone inside, the support beam holding up the second floor of the shopping plaza housing the dealership didn’t go down despite the beating it took.But what made the good doctor snap? Apparently, the three hour wait to get his car fixed caused him to get a bit fidgety.The doctor is now under house arrest and faces up to five years in prison for his moment of mayhem.