Court frees 2 Bronze Soldier defenders

An Estonian court in Tallinn has released two men accused of provoking riots in Tallinn early on bail, pending their trial in January. The pair are among four men facing charges over trying to stop the removal of the Bronze Soldier Monument in the city.

The four people, who have allegedly taken part in the unrest in the Estonian capital, will stand trial in January.

The rallies took place in April in Tallinn and some north-eastern Estonian towns.

The Russian-speaking minority was unhappy with the idea of moving the monument to a new location, saying it dishonoured the Russian soldiers, who they believe liberated Tallinn from Nazis.

Police detained over 2,000 people during the unrest.

So far about 50 have been sentenced to various terms of imprisonment.

The mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar admitted that the fallout from the relocation of the Bronze Soldier Statue has cost the country some 320 million Euros.