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17 Jun, 2008 07:52

Condom wars for U.S. presidential rivals

Condom wars for U.S. presidential rivals

The U.S. presidential campaign is in full swing and it is not only the politicians who are looking to get the benefit out of it. A local company has started selling condoms dedicated to the candidates, Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain, and

The condoms are decorated with portraits of the candidates and rephrased slogans of their presidential campaigns.

The Obama condom carries the slogan “Use with Good Judgment”, while the McCain version says “Old but Not Expired.”

According to the information on the pack, the Obama condoms could become a real salvation for buyers in the hard period the U.S. is facing.

“These are uncertain times,” according to the leaflet. “The economy’s a ball-buster and the surge went flaccid! But now there are Obama condoms, for a change you can believe in!”
And the users of the McCain equivalent can be sure that they are “battle tested, strong and durable, for those occasions when you just need to switch your position!” They are also “a perfect gift for grandpa!”

The contraceptives are meant to be collectors’ items, but the produces say they are perfectly real and the equal of other condoms sold in the U.S. 
The reactions of the candidates as well as the sales results are not yet known.