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21 Jun, 2007 02:46

Cockroaches to cure allergies

Modern living is being blamed for the apparent rise in the number of people suffering from allergies world wide. Estimates suggest allergies affect at least 40 % of people and the number is rising.

They say they come from anything: pollen, cats, dogs and bee stings are only the beginning.

One idea to combat allergies is a potion made from cockroaches, in the form of a pill. Professor Boris Pukhlyk has a host of strange cases: women allergic to their husband's dandruff or a child to bird droppings.

I'm concerned about women using make-up. Girls from the age of 10 start using it not knowing what is inside. Or say modern food products with all sorts of chemical additives. You may think that you are buying milk, but it can be anything but milk,” warned Boris Pukhlik, allergist from Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

People in the cities are more prone to hay fever and dust than those living in the villages.

Some specialists predict nearly 50% of the world's population will suffer from allergies by the end of the 21st century.

Ira calls herself a walking encyclopedia of allergies. She is sensitive to early fruit and vegetables, insect stings, perfume, and make-up.

“Once I decided to dye my hair. As a result I got a swollen face and head, like you see in the movies. I have to go to hospital every time I'm tempted to eat early tomatoes. They are full of nitrates,” complained Irina Tripuz, a real victim of allergy.

Often blaming their pets for runny nose and itchy eyes, people do not know that cats and dogs suffer from human allergies too.

Some pets can be sensitive to carpets, their food bowls or even their owner's perfume.

Sometimes the condition of its fur may be the sign of an allergy. Pets have almost the same diseases as people,” explained veterinary Yana Latsapnyova

Doctors say the cure can be found in like for like. And they recommend trying to find an answer to an allergy in the cause itself.