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Coalition government means slow death for UK Liberal Democrat Party

The UK's coalition government was dealt a bitter blow after the country said no to a new voting system. This comes on top of the minority partner, the Liberal Democrat Party, suffering heavy losses in recent UK local elections.
­RT contributor Ekaterina Zatuliveter thinks that the Conservatives are using the Lib Dems as a scapegoat for the coalition's mistakes.“It becomes more and more obvious that when the Liberal Democrat Party decided to join the coalition it was the beginning of a painful and slow death for the party,” says Zatuliveter.Zatuliveter believes the coalition government is associated with the economic crisis which goes together with painful cuts. And on a large scale, the first year of the coalition will be remembered for the UK’s involvement in Libya’s conflict. “This decision had overwhelming support in parliament, but not among the British people,” says Zatuliveter. However, there is still time to prove that the coalition government can work.