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27 Aug, 2008 17:23

Clinton speech exposes doubts over Obama

As Barack Obama prepares for the biggest speech of his life, in front of 75,000 Democrats, some at the party’s convention remain unconvinced by his vice-presidential running mate, Joe Biden. But the woman Obama beat has

“The time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose…That is our mission Democrats, let’s elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden for a future worthy of our great country,” Hillary Clinton told delegates during an impassioned speech at the party’s convention.

She seemed to inspire many, causing some analysts to ponder if Obama had made a mistake in choosing Joe Biden as his choice for vice-president.

Many Clinton supporters just can’t stomach Obama as president.

“Hillary would have won the nomination had it not been for our mainstream media who is in the business of selecting our candidate for us,” one supporter told RT.

As ever, the Democratic convention has attracted a vocal group of protesters critical of American foreign policy.

The events in Georgia are taking on a new significance there as politicians try to brandish their foreign policy credentials.

“Americans have really screwed up on the international front. We seem to continue to do so. Like, for example, the Georgia-Russia conflict. We seem to be giving a lot of lip service, but not so much playing the international role,” one protester says.

Another man says that, “a lot of Americans know exactly what happened in Georgia. It was the Georgian government and the Georgian president that started the violence. There are a lot of Americans who know why the Russian troops were in Georgia”.

Many Clinton supporters say they have no choice but to back their party and vote for Obama. But others said they’ve had enough and will now switch to John McCain rather than vote Obama.