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27 Oct, 2010 10:41

Keeping cool about global warming

Global warming skeptics have gathered to air their views in the UK on what they have dubbed 'Climate Fools Day'.

It is also the second anniversary of the signing of the UK Climate Change Bill, which critics say is simply a waste of tax-payers' money.

The skeptics claim that the global warming issue has become a business scheme to tax industry and consumers, and make money from ‘green’ schemes.

Global warming has simply been made up, insists Piers Corbyn, one of the organizers of the annual Weather Action Climate Fools Day conference.

There’s no evidence for carbon-dioxide driving temperatures or climate whatsoever in the last thousand years,” he told RT.

Corbyn claims that the fight against global warming is a myth, supported by government imposed policy all over Europe. “We’ve got basically a one-party state operating which is imposing taxes and restrictions on production of carbon-dioxide,” he said.

If these politicians really cared about people, they would actually make use of effective long-range forecasts which can forecast hazards and even very damaging incidents which can cause deaths,” added Corbyn.

Climate change is a natural thing, where man’s amount of carbon dioxide represents a tiny proportion of the shift, only about four percent, stated Reverend Philip Foster, a colleague of Piers Corbyn.

Extreme weather events always take place, always have and always will, and to blame them on human emissions is simply pointless, as there is no real connection,” he told RT.

Nobody disagrees that climate change is happening, echoes writer and legal analyst John O’Sullivan.

“The climate has changed for 4.5 billion years,” O’Sullivan said. “We are not arguing about something trivial like the issues of climate change. We are looking at corruption issues here that are not made known to the public. Today in parliament we put evidence to parliamentarians to show that around the world climate skeptics are bringing into court national government weather agencies and showing that they do not have a bona fide climate record.”

“What we’ve tried to do is ask the governments around the world to show us the evidence,” he added. “It’s not good enough to tell us that they have the records. We have found time after time here in England and recently in New Zealand that when challenged, government agencies cannot produce the records.”

The first Climate Fools Day was held in the UK in October 2008, as British legislators passed the Climate Change Bill. The Bill is aimed at stimulating a low-carbon economy and gives ministers powers to introduce the measures necessary to achieve greenhouse gas reduction targets.

The Bill makes the government responsible for ensuring that by 2050, the net UK carbon account for six greenhouse gases is at least 80 per cent lower than the baseline set in 1990. An independent Committee on Climate Change has been created under the Act to provide advice to the UK Government on the issue.