Circus flying into space

With less than a week before the next crew of the ISS blasts off, RT spoke to the crew to get details of the preparations and mission. On board will be Canadian space tourist, Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil.

Laliberté is the first real showman heading to space. He says he is determined to follow the experienced crew’s advice while on orbit, however, he is prepared to explore and improvise. Laliberté also plans to take something special up with him.

“There is already a text being written. I’m bringing it up there and on October 9th there will be a two-hour multimedia event to create awareness on the issue of water,” Guy told RT.

The crew says that their plans for the flight are just as exciting, albeit not as publicly-oriented as Laliberté’s. Shuttles and new Russian modules will come to the ISS and experiments are planned for both the Russian and the US sector.

Maksim Suraev, the flight commander, will spend six months on orbit. He confesses that he will probably miss his wife, children and friends most of all from his life on Earth.