Child-free life as a means of staying fit

Despite the Russian government's drive to encourage more people to have children, many couples are still choosing not to become parents. An online community has been created for those deciding that “three is indeed a crowd”.

The trend came to Russia from the U.S. and Western Europe where childfree communities were created to lobby for equality in tax and vacation privileges for people without children. But in Russia many united in 2004 to spell out their principles: they like their bodies, they like they lifestyle and some do not like babies.

However, in a child-oriented society like Russia, their position is often misunderstood, especially by those who have many children.

Although, sociologists say the trend towards a child-free environment is positive as it diversifies Russian society. Thus sociologist Olga Zdravomislova  states: “Modern society is not a society with only one tendency, it’s a society with many people and many ideas, and it will be good if these people do what they wish.”