‘Chessboard killer’ interview appears on internet

One of the deadliest serial killers in Russia's history, Aleksandr Pichushkin, who’s now in prison, has accused his lawyer of secretly recording some of their conversations. The video has appeared on the website of a popular Russian daily.

Prison officials have confirmed only one person has visited Pichushkin and that was his lawyer.

In the video Pichushkin says the only death he ever regretted was that of his dog. The so-called ‘chessboard killer’ was convicted of killing 48 people, although he claims there were more.

He lured most of his victims to Moscow's Bitsevsky park, killed them and dumped the bodies in sewers.

He says there was no other motive but murder itself.

The video also reveals Pichushkin's deep belief that many people admire him. He says he feels very well in jail and occasionally gets gifts of cigarettes from his admirers. But if he was free the first thing he would do would be murder one of his lawyers.