Chemical Brothers mix the beats at Moscow club

England's Grammy award winning electronic music duo “The Chemical Brothers” have played in Russia for the first time. Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, occasionally referred to as Chemical Tom and Chemical Ed, are famous for their high-energy live s

Hundreds of ‘chemical’ fans crammed into Moscow's B1 night club for one of the capital's most looked-forward-to dance gigs.

Tickets sold out weeks ago and many followers were left disappointed.  Even Moscow's biggest night clubs couldn't fit in all the fans who wanted to come.  

Those who did manage to get tickets were full of praise for the pioneering DJs.

“The Chemical Brothers can play for an audience of thousands of people but at the same time they perform in clubs like this. These guys managed to unite electronic club music and concert music!” said one of the fans.  

The Chemical Brothers, concert in Moscow
The Chemical Brothers, concert in Moscow

And another added, “their live performances are so different from their albums. It is amazing how they combine different music styles and make their sound one of a kind”.  

Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons met at university, where they both studied medieval history.

In 1993, the duo graduated with good results and began to make their first remixes.

Three years later, they released their first single called Setting Sun, which entered the UK charts at number one.

Ever since, then they've been both commercially and critically successful.  

They perform at open air festivals and in clubs.

In 1999, the duo released their first original material in two years – a single called “Hey Boy, Hey Girl”.

Their following albums -‘Come With Us’ and ‘Push the Button’ – reached the top of the European charts.

Over the years the ‘brothers’ worked with other iconic bands such as The Prodigy, Primal Scream and Fatboy Slim.  

They perform again at B1 on Thursday.