Suicide-bomb blast rocks Chechnya

A powerful explosion has shaken the capital of Russia’s southern republic of Chechnya. Two female passers-by and five police officers were injured in the explosion.

That's according to the Investigation Committee of the Prosecutor General's Office.

It is believed a suicide attacker set off a bomb just as several policemen were trying to arrest him at a square in the capital, Grozny. The bomber was killed in the blast.

People had been gathering there for a concert in a local hall. The republic's head, Ramzan Kadyrov, was among those in attendance, although he has not been hurt. He later made a statement.

Tonight, in the center of Grozny near the concert hall, police noticed a young man who was acting suspiciously,” Kadyrov said. “When asked to stop and provide proof of identification, the man attempted to flee. Following an attempt to detain him, the man blew himself up.