Case is moving too fast - Karadzic

Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic has appeared before The Hague tribunal for a pre-trial hearing.

Karadzic insisted he was at a disadvantage in preparing his defence. He also thinks his genocide case is moving too quickly and he has not yet assembled a team of legal experts to advise him.

“I want to say that I've already crossed a certain path without my defence team. I've gone a certain way towards my defence, but I have been facing problems because I don't have the necessary resources. I don't have a defence team and with the speed at which matters are progressing in these proceedings, I am afraid that I will be in an even less equal position,” said Karadzic.

The judge disagreed and reprimanded both Karadzic and prosecutors for not being adequately prepared for the hearing.

Karadzic has been indicted for war crimes in connection with the 1990s Bosnian conflict.

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