Car stolen while owner saves drowning girl

Car stolen while owner saves drowning girl
A brave man jumped into a Moscow river after seeing a car crash through the fence and plunge into the water. As he was struggling to save lives of the occupants, his own car was stolen.

­The driver of a Volvo apparently lost control of his vehicle as it was travelling next to the Yauza River in central Moscow. The car carrying two people careened across the sidewalk border, crushed a fence and fell into the water.

A man driving by his Audi SUV saw the incident, and jumped to the rescue.

A young woman passenger managed to escape the sinking Volvo and get to safety with the help of the rescuer. However the driver, her 27-year-old husband, was trapped inside and drowned.

As the tragic events unfolded, a sneak thief drove away in the rescuer’s Audi, including the owner’s clothes and ID.

The unfortunate rescuer, who is identified as businessman from the Moscow Region, says the situation was certainly irritating for him.

“I don’t even have apartment keys now. I wonder how I get home. At least the car was insured,” he commented to LifeNews tabloid website.

Police was unable to immediately intercept the stolen car, which is worth more than $92,000, according to the victim of the crime.