Russian sports car gears up for F1

The Russia flag will be flying high in Formula One racing this season as a brand new car hits the track for its first test drive.

­The car, called “Marussia”, was revealed to the public at a packed media launch in London earlier this week. The team is gearing up to drive it under the Russian colors in just over a month, when the new season starts.

President of Marussia Motors Nikolay Fomenko says he is proud of his team's achievements:

“We managed to build here, in tough conditions, a new, modern and technically-advanced automobile production line. We started working for Formula One and succeeded in some of our undertakings. That means that everything is possible.”

“They had a good attitude towards us at once, from the moment we presented ourselves in Frankfurt, even before Formula One,” Fomenko continued. “So far, we’ve fulfilled all we have declared we will do. We said we would create a car and we did. We promised we would perform in Formula One and we do. So at least we deserve to be respected.”