Bus tickets welcomed passengers with severe profanity

Bus tickets welcomed passengers with severe profanity
In Lipetsk, central Russia, a bus ticket machine was sending passengers away with a flea in their ears. An eye-catching swear word “welcomed” people, instead of a bus depot logo.

On Thursday, vigilant passengers on the number 36 bus route in Lipetsk were surprised to read on their tickets an obscenity meaning manhood in Russian.

They then reported the incident to authorities. At first, officials thought it was a prank, but when the number of complaints skyrocketed, the sinister bus was withdrawn and an investigation began.

It soon became apparent that the man behind the obscene tickets was a 22-year-old depot wireman, who opted for this way to perk up people’s moods after the long holidays. It turned out the man had already changed logos on tickets, but no one paid attention to tiger cubs designed by him.

The prank turned out to be a swan song for the joker, as he was immediately fired. He may now face serious fines or community work in case somebody files a suit against him.

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