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10 Jun, 2010 10:59

Seven Bosnian Serbs convicted over Srebrenica massacre

Two Bosnian Serbs have been jailed for life by a UN court over the Srebrenica massacre in 1995. Five other officers were sentenced to between 5 and 35 years.

The genocide saw more than 7,000 Muslim men and boys killed in one week, in what was a UN-declared safe zone.If the guilty verdicts are upheld, they'll be the first to be jailed over the killings.Marko Gasic, from the British-Serbian Alliance for Peace, says vital facts about the tragedy are kept in secret and not taken into account.“We all want justice, but justice has to be based on truth,” Gasic told RT. “But so many truths haven’t been heard on this Srebrenica story because what we have is an exaggerated end and a horrific end.”“The leading representative of the international community in Bosnia at the time, General Morion, said that the events of 1995 – that is, the site of Srebrenica massacre – was directly a response to genocidal massacres perpetrated by the forces of Naser Oric [former Bosnian military officer who commanded the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina forces in Srebrenica] in the same area in the year preceding that,” Gasic continued. “He was asked by the presiding judge of the same tribunal, ‘Are you saying, Mr. Morion, that the events of 1995 were a direct result of what Oric did in the years preceding that?” And General Morion said, ‘Yes, I am convinced of that.’”“The international community’s leading man confirmed that what we had in 1995 was savage revenge,” Gasic said. “A mish-mash of events, but we’ve got a spin which is trying to give us the same gloss over them and pronounce one side guilty and the other side innocent because it serves U.S. purposes.”