Blitzed Ossetian city hosts classical concert

The principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra and artistic director of the Mariinsky Theatre, Valery Gergiev, has led a concert in Tskhinval. The performance was staged next to the destroyed parliament building in the bombed-out capital of Sout

The concert featured selections from Tchaikovsky’s fifth and sixth symphonies as well as Shostakovich’s famous “invasion” theme from his sixth symphony.

Opening the concert, Gergiev said: “We want everyone in the world to know the truth about the terrible events in Tskhinval. It was a huge act of aggression on the part of the Georgian army. This is not yet a known story in the world but I’m sure the truth will be coming through”.

He added: “If it hadn’t been for the Russian army there would have been even more casualties and victims. I am very grateful as an Ossetian to my great country Russia for this help. I hope we will see peace here for many decades to come”.

Watch the concert in full. Part 1 and Part 2.