Blast on minibus in Dagestan: one dead, eight injured

There are reports that a female suicide bomber has blown herself up on a minibus in the Kazbekovsky Region of Dagestan, which borders on Chechnya. The terrorist is thought to be the only fatality.

An explosion occurred at about 11.20 a.m. Moscow time (7.20 GMT) on a passenger minibus.  

The bus was full carrying 15 passengers. One woman was killed, and eight others injured – three of them hospitalised. One person remains in a critical condition.
According to the local police, the incident is currently being classified as a terrorist attack.
A source close to the investigation said a woman travelling on the minibus was wearing an explosive belt and detonated it when the minibus was close to a police checkpoint.
The regional police said the suicide bomber may have wanted to kill police officers at the checkpoint, but something went wrong and the bomb detonated earlier.