Blast injures 15 in Moscow

At least 15 people have been hurt in an explosion in the south-east of Moscow in what police suspect could be a grenade attack. The injured, all of them young men, are in hospital, one in a critical condition.

The blast took place on Saturday at around 2 am Moscow time near a factory which makes electronic goods.

Police are trying to confirm exactly what type of explosive was used.

One eyewitness to the blast said: “At the time of the explosion I was standing on the other side of the street. It was a very powerful blast, like two grenades. Then I saw a man on the ground trying to get up, he was bleeding. Others ran off, but passed out as they discovered they were wounded. It took 15-20 minutes for the ambulance to get here. The police arrived quicker. You can tell that this was some kind of home-made explosive device. No one has any idea why this happened. These guys, football fans, were just standing there, and suddenly the explosive went off.”