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8 Feb, 2013 12:14

'Black Devil' behind bars: Moscow police nab notorious driver (VIDEO)

Moscow police have arrested a reckless driver after he gave himself away by bragging about his impunity online. The self-styled 'Black Devil' uploaded videos where he exceeds the speed limit, crosses to oncoming lanes and ignores traffic lights.

The suspect, identified by police as a 21-year-old student Nikolay Mustafin, was detained early Friday morning as he was driving a Black Porsche Cayenne Turbo without a or plates.The large SUV cruising around Moscow without license plates and severely breaching driving regulations has become quite well-known among the city’s traffic police, as well as among internet users. In a video uploaded on YouTube two weeks ago, the Black Devil commits various traffic violations, including aggressive driving, passing on a red signal and crossing into the oncoming traffic lane.Police were able to identify the suspect after a man saw a TV report featuring the Black Devil’s video and called police saying he knew the speedster’s address.During his first conversation with police Mustafin denied everything, saying he didn’t even own a car. He was allowed to go. Police officers, however, did not buy Mustafin’s explanations and he was later caught while leaving his yard driving the Cayenne.During and after his arrest the suspect was acting provocatively, showing off and bickering with police officers, LifeNews tabloid reports.The court sentenced Mustafin to 10 days in prison for administrative offenses such as driving without a license. However, 10 days could be just the beginning for the notorious racer, if police are able to prove that the Black Devil from the videos is Mustafin.However, many online commenters express concern that the punishment will be too lenient and the detention will only create more publicity for the reckless driver, prompting more highway hooliganism.

The Black Devil first came to Russian internet prominence in 2010 with a six-minute video of his crazy dirtbike ride on a Moscow highway, which included a wheelie in the oncoming traffic lane. The video went viral and now has over 10 million views. Despite his present troubles with police, Mustafin seems to show no remorse for his deeds.“Can’t wait for the [moto] season! New the most powerful stock motorcycle, new matching safety gear… still will be uncatchable on motorcycle – it is a real freedom… car is cool of course, but it’s not the same… I’ll be back,” he wrote on his page on Russian social network VKontakte (In Contact).