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3 Jun, 2010 14:25

Activists angry, blaming Bilderbergers for undermining democracy

It is one of the world's most powerful, yet secretive, organizations. Accused of trying to create a new world order. The gathering of the Bilderberg Club at one of Spain's most exclusive resorts is attracting attention.

Bilderbergers are the crème de la crème of the world's most powerful and rich. They have been meeting behind closed doors for decades.

Protesters have taken to the streets, blaming members of the elite gathering for orchestrating the global economic crisis and undermining democracy.

They rallied under banners reading “Enough Slavery” and “Bilderberg Group – secret rulers of the world”.

This year’s Bilderberg meeting has drawn protestors not just from Spain, but from all over Europe and the world. They are not objecting wholesale to the meeting taking place – what bothers them is the veil of secrecy that has been drawn over everything that is linked to the elite club.

The fact that elected officials attend secret meetings smacks of a lack of democracy, and some who have been following the gatherings for years say it is actually illegal for elected US representatives to meet in this way.

“What the specific point with the American attendees here is that they break the law known as the Logan Act, which prevents private US citizens and officials from making policy decisions in secret with foreign government officials. They knowingly and deliberately break the Logan Act,” Mark Anderson, American Free Press correspondent, told RT.

Despite that accusation, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has previously attended the Bilderberg meeting, and is rumored to be at this year’s event too.

It has been particularly difficult to get a list of attendees this year, with even that information shrouded in secrecy. Veteran Bilderbergers include David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger, and Ben Bernanke and World Bank head Robert Zoellick are also regulars.

The decisions being made in the conference this weekend will affect Europe in the future, said British anti-Bilderberg campaigner Tony Gosling, who is editor of the Bilderberg.org website, shedding some light on what kind of decisions might have been made by the group in past.

“Some of the things I found out about the group since I’ve been following the group for 10 years or so now, some of the places that the Kosovo War was brewed up was most definitely Bilderberg[‘s doing]. This was being discussed for couple of years before it actually happened there. Back in 2002, leaks were coming out of the conference that there was military action against Iraq. At the time it was really almost thought to be unthinkable and inexcusable, but it does seem that if this is a secret clandestine think-tank, that one of the things they are brewing up there is war,” Gosling told RT.

Outside the disproportionately heavy security cordon at the place of the conference, where police all but outnumbered demonstrators at times, a Swiss activist explained why people should be fearful of the Bilderberg’s alleged New World Order agenda.

“The New World Order is the plan of the elite to centralize power. It means they take the power from people and give it to them[selves]. European Union, for instance, also contracts with the Bilderberg group,” Andrew Mueller from the We Are Change Organization, based in Switzerland, told RT.

Needless to say, the meeting’s agenda is a closely-guarded secret, as, it should be noted, are the agendas of many meetings. But dedicated Bilderberg-watcher Daniel Estulin says he has seen a leaked copy – and the big question this time around is whether the Euro will survive. Its demise would be a huge blow to the group’s alleged goal of encouraging economic blocks rather than nation states.

“They’ve been working so hard on creating this European Union, which is actually falling apart at the seams,” Daniel Estulin said. “Their plain is not about creating one world government in what so many people mistakenly believe, but rather creating – what they call themselves the aristocracy of purpose between the North American and European elite so in best ways to manage the planet. In other words the creation of ‘One World Company Limited’ and to have it, you can’t have countries, you need to have economic blocs. And to have economic blocs you obviously need the euro for Europe to have it as one. And obviously this euro is falling apart at the seams.”

Nowhere is that more apparent than at the ground of the meeting, Spain, which is in the grip of a severe recession. Except, maybe, in Greece, the scene of recent violent economic protests, and coincidentally – or perhaps not – the venue for the Bilderberg’ 2009 meeting.

Spain will be hoping that the arrival of the Bilderbergers in the upmarket seaside town of Sitges does not herald the same fate for them.