Berezovsky repeats suspicions about Litvinenko’s death

Berezovsky repeats suspicions about Litvinenko’s death
Russian self-exiled businessman Boris Berezovsky, living in England, has reiterated his suspicion that businessman Andrey Lugovoi played a role in the death of Aleksandr Litvinenko.

Aleksandr Litvinenko, the former Russian security officer died from polonium 210 poisoning in London, in November 2006.

The accusation comes from a transcript, published by the Russian newspaper ‘Kommersant’, of what it claims to be the interview Mr Berezovsky gave to Russian and British investigators a month ago in London.

The paper says the questions to Boris Berezovsky were made by the Russian General Prosecutor's Office and asked by Scotland Yard.

Reportedly, investigators also wanted to know about Mr Berezovsky's financial situation and transactions, and also about his relatives and acquaintances.

Scotland Yard has not commented on the authenticity of the transcript published by the Russian newspaper.