Berezovsky again urges change of power in Russia

Russian businessman in exile, Boris Berezovsky has again called for a change of power in Russia. In an article in the British newspaper ‘The Sunday Times’, he called the current government in Russia “authoritarian” and urged the West to exert

Berezovsky says he doesn’t exclude “rebellion as the final means”.
The idea of changing power in Russia is not new to Boris Berezovsky, who enjoys the status of a political refugee in Britain.
For the past year-and-a half, Berezovsky has made two calls for a coup in Russia.
According to him, he was financing certain plotters.
As a result, Russia launched a criminal case on coup attempt charges and promptly requested his extradition from Britain
The-then Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, warned Mr Berezovsky he might be stripped of his refugee status for inciting a coup.