Berezovsky again in limelight

Berezovsky again in limelight
Russian businessman-in-exile Boris Berezovsky is in the headlines once again in connection with his self-proclaimed plans to overthrow the Russian government. Meanwhile, Russian authorities strive for his extradition from the UK.

Russian tabloid Tvoy Den quotes Berezovsky as saying that he wants restricted foreign visas for Russian statesmen and businessmen as part of his plan to overthrow the Russian government.

Earlier, Berezovsky gave an interview to the British Guardian newspaper saying he is plotting a revolution in Russia.

The Russian and British sides have warned he could lose his asylum.

It was not the first time Mr Berezovsky has made such statements to the media and received warnings from the UK Foreign Office.

Berezovsky fled Russia in 2000 and he is wanted in this country for fraud and political corruption.

Last month, Berezovsky was questioned by Russian prosecutors in London in connection with the death of his former employee, Alexander Litvinenko's.