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“I believe someone made him do it” – Moscow cannibal’s mother

The mother of the man who is suspected of having murdered and partially eaten his friend told RT that she believes one of the many visitors of his apartment used her son’s unstable mental condition to commit the crime.
“I don’t believe he killed anyone. I don’t believe he could cut someone into pieces. I don’t believe he would eat it. I don’t,” Viktoria Shadrina, 79, said.Her 40-year-old son Nikolay is certainly a difficult person, she admitted. Even in his youth he had problems over antisocial behavior.“He would set himself against everyone in school. If he received a D for test and believed it was unfair, he would refuse the next test in defiance. Nobody behaves like that,” she said.With his unfriendly character and the schizophrenia he inherited from his father, Shadrin always had problems with employment. For several years he lived on a disability pension. He would invite homeless people home to drink alcohol, with dozens of strangers coming and going monthly.“Neighbors complained to the police about those visitors, said they were all drunk. They wanted some measures taken about it,” his mother said.Neighbors claim that several days before the arrest, Shadrin threw his dog out of a window.“He did have a dog. He beat it sometimes. But throwing it out of the window – I never heard about it,” she said.Nikolay Shadrin was arrested on Tuesday at his apartment in western Moscow. Police suspected him of killing and dismembering a man he knew. During the search they discovered a human liver in the refrigerator. Shadrin had reportedly cooked and consumed part of it.