Belarus rocked by Independence Day blast

Around 50 people, including a Russian citizen, have been injured after a blast in the centre of the Belarus capital, Minsk. The explosion occured during local Independence Day celebrations, which drew a huge crowd, inclu

A number of the injured were taken to hospital, some of them in a serious condition.

The authorities suspect the blast was caused by a homemade device. They say the most probable cause is hooliganism. It is also reported the Minsk police are now searching for a man who left a suspicious parcel minutes before the explosion. Other reports suggest the plotter could be among those injured.

The republic's president Alexander Lukashenko said he will personally oversee the investigation into the attack.

Meanwhile, another explosive device has been found in Minsk, said Vladimir Naumov, the Minister of Internal Affairs for Belarus.

Naumov didn’t expand on where exactly the device was found. However, he stressed the discovery will help during the investigation.