Belarus may take part in building Sochi Olympic venues

Belarus may take part in the construction of some of the venues for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia’s southern resort of Sochi. The issue was discussed at the meeting of President Putin and his Belarusian counterpart Aleksandr Lukashenko in Krasnaya Po

Ahead of the talks with Putin, Lukashenko skied with the Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov and his first deputy Dmitry Medvedev, the front-runner in the presidential race.

It was a chance for them to show off their skills.

And it seems the Belarusian President has taken Sochi's winning of the 2014 Winter Olympics to heart.
At the protocol meeting, instead of routine greetings, he shared his impressions of the future Olympic venues.
“We would also like to create a sort of a corner of Belarus at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia if it’s possible,” Lukashenko added.