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27 Aug, 2007 05:46

Basement Jaxx close tour in Russia

Prominent electronic duo Basement Jaxx hold a one-off concert in Russia. The closing event in their European tour, it was hugely awaited by the band's Russian fans. In the 90s it took two young musicians to turn the London electronic scene on its head. T

This year the musicians included Moscow in their tour for the first time.

Released last summer, the group's video for the song “Take Me Back To Your House” attracted much attention, especially in Russia.

Thanks to its director, it seemed to absorb almost all the clichés about the country.

“He said it seemed really Russian to him and he showed us some pictures of Cossack dances and it seemed to really fit the idea,” confessed Felix Buxton of Basement Jaxx.

But now the musicians are in Russia and can see for themselves whether what they depicted in the video is true. Their faithful fans are eager to show they were right.

Working on each of their four albums, Basement Jaxx have invited various singers and vocalists. Instead of Canadian Martina Sorbara from the video, the Moscow's concert was enlightened with two gorgeous performers.

Differing greatly from what one usually imagines as electronic music, there's no endless beat loops and short audio samples in Basement Jaxx latest works.

“This is the last gig in our tour and our first gig live show in Russia. We did here like three years ago, which was great. We did the Ministry of Youth and then a mafia-run club. It was great to see two sides of Russia,” added Felix Buxton.

This year the musicians produced a song as a part of the Tate Tracks projects, where music accompanies renowned paintings and also plan working on their newest tracks – before the next tour.