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14 Apr, 2010 13:55

US astronaut “living the dream” on the ISS

The team of astronauts and cosmonauts working on the International Space Station has told RT about their experiences in orbit from space during their latest message to journalists on Earth.

The ISS is now home to 13 crew members including four women. As well as being a sign of international cooperation, the crew intends to make further scientific advancements in different fields from the human body to plant life.

During the 30-minute interview with the press, some of the crew members were relaxed and willingly shared their experiences with journalists.

Astronaut Timothy “TJ” Creamer spoke about living in space as a wonderful experience.

“As a kid you sometimes dream about flying and floating and all that kind of stuff. We are actually living that experience now,” Creamer told RT. “Looking out and seeing the world is breathtaking, and the cupola windows provide you a vista that absolutely stops what you are doing sometimes. I was working out on the weight-lifting device that we use, and while I was doing it looking through the window, and we pass over Chicago, and the sky was cloudless, it was so stunning, I had to stop and just go take a look – it is spectacular!”

About half of the astronauts came in from the space shuttle Discovery to help with maintenance. The ISS crew is expecting with great curiosity to hear what US President Barack Obama is going to say tomorrow at his press conference at the Kennedy Space Center, where he is going to unveil the future for America’s space program.