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26 Jun, 2007 04:56

Art show celebrates the genius of Kulik

In 1987 Oleg Kulik was one of the first artists brave enough to show his personal viewpoint on what he thought would become the art of the future. Now, 20 years later, his exhibition presents the milestones of his way to success.

In the nineties he shocked people on the streets of Moscow and in other European cities.

At the beginning of the 21st century he showcased his exhibitions around the world's top contemporary art museums, from the Tate gallery in London to the Venetian biennale in Italy.

“He's among the top five Russian contemporary artists known to the world community.  And in Russia he's among the real leaders in his field, and he's not even 50 years old yet,” notes Igor Markin, from First Russian Museum of Contemporary Art.

Kulik's retrospective exhibition is housed in the Central House of Artists, one of Moscow's largest venues.

“I've turned ten square kilometers of space into a place for communication. There are a lot of sofas and the video projected on the walls is the one I could show at home. My friends are here and I have a weird feeling that this is an informal place,” Oleg Kulik says.

Before the official opening the artist led a tour across the venue, telling stories about his works and revealing their inner meaning.

“Oleg's courage and ingenious talent, his ability to express himself in an unusual manner is what we like about him,” artist Andrey Bartenev says and then continues: “And to this courage we pay our respect today.”

Oleg is in constant development. He says this exhibition is just an opportunity to see his friends. He is only 46 and has no reasons to leave the top of Russian contemporary art.