Arsonist takes on 'sinners', kills two

Arsonist takes on 'sinners', kills two
It’s been revealed that a woman in Russia’s Urals waged a ‘crusade’ against ‘sinners’ in a town, killing at least two and seriously injuring a girl. She was conning alcohol abusers into inviting her home, then setting their apartment on fire, reports the

The 35-year-old arsonist has taken on what she described as a ‘holy mission’ to relieve society of ‘sinning alcoholics’.

Police believe her to be responsible for at least six fires over the last three years. Two of her victims died in the blazes and a girl suffered severe burns.

The self-proclaimed avenger had drawn suspicion after local prosecutors noticed her name on several similar fire reports. The woman was called as witness in six cases. When questioned she confessed to being behind the fires.

The arrestee will now be checked for mental health to determine if she can be held responsible for her actions.