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3 May, 2012 19:06

Archer-enemy? Man in serious condition after arrow lodged in throat (VIDEO)

A weapon from the Middle Ages has almost killed a 35-year-old Muscovite in broad daylight. With an arrow in his throat, the unlucky man ended up in critical condition after being accidentally shot at in a park.

It was a warm spring day, and Konstantin with his little daughters was walking in a big sunny Moscow park. Father and children were enjoying the weather, playing and running between the trees, when all of them suddenly heard an odd whish. Next thing the girls saw was their father losing balance. Scared and shocked, they came closer and could hardly believe their eyes: the man had a genuine 50-centimeter arrow in his neck. Luckily, Konstantin remained conscious and was able to dial his wife’s number. The woman immediately called an ambulance. It is a miracle Konstantin survived at all, doctors say. The weapon went very close to his carotid artery. Should the arrow have passed a millimeter to the left, there would have been no chance of recovery. The wound was so dangerous that Konstantin was immediately hospitalized in Moscow’s best intensive care unit. It took the doctors about seven hours to remove the arrow.“To operate, we had to put the patient on an artificial respirator,” one of Konstantin’s doctors told LifeNews. “And how is it possible to do that if a man has an arrow in his neck?”The operation was successful and Konstantin is still in the ICU, slowly recovering after the shock. The doctors say he has every chance of returning to normal life, and promise to send him home in two weeks. The Moscow government has offered to pay for the operation from the budget, LifeNews reported. The police are now finishing the investigation in Konstantin’s sudden Robin Hood adventure. As it turned out, the arrow was accidentally shot by a trainer who was teaching children how to shoot in the same park. When he showed pupils a new move, his arrow fell to the pavement and ricocheted into Konstantin. “I can’t believe it could happen,” the park’s administrator Aleksey told LifeNews. “Our shooting ground was thoroughly checked by safety specialists. They ensured that all the targets are installed in such a way that it is impossible to hit the park’s visitors. And the trainer is a good professional, well-recognized in his circles.”The shooting section’s heads have been temporarily dismissed from their duties, the Moscow Sports Department said.