Armenian cabinet resigns after PM`s sudden death

Armenian cabinet resigns after PM`s sudden death
Armenian President, Robert Kocharyan, has accepted the government's resignation following the death of Prime Minister, Andranik Markaryan. Defence Minister, Serge Sarkisyan, has been appointed acting Prime Minister.

The cabinet will continue with their duties until a new government is formed.

Armenian Prime Minister, Andranik Margaryan, died from a sudden heart attack at the age of 55 on Sunday.

Margaryan had been the PM of the former Soviet republic, with a population of 3 MLN people, since the year 2000.

Armenia is a Presidential Republic, meaning that most power is held by Robert Kocharyan, the current President.

Margaryan was the leader of an underground nationalist party in Soviet times, and was imprisoned in the 1970s. He played an important part in Armenian politics throughout the period following its independence in 1991.