Andrey Kozlov's murder solved: Prosecutor General

Russia's Prosecutor General, Yury Chayka, says the killing of influential banker, Andrey Kozlov, has virtually been solved. Andrey Kozlov was shot outside a stadium in Moscow on the September 13 and died in hospital the next day.

“As for the murder of the First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Central Bank, I must say that several persons directly involved in the crime have been arrested in the process of the investigation, which means the case is regarded as solved,” stated the Prosecutor General.

The investigation resulted in the arrests of 3 people, who confessed they'd been hired by an unknown person to carry out the contract killing. Prosecutors say the motive for the murder centres on Kozlov's professional activities. He played a role in clamping down on corruption within Russia's banking system.

Speaking on the results of the investigation, Chaika did not say whether the organisers of Kozlov's murder had been found.