America accused of stealing constitution from Ukraine

Yulya Timoshenko (AFP Photo / Sergey Supinsky)
An ancient Ukrainian code was used as the basis for the United States constitution, insists Ukraine’s Prime Minister, Yulya Timoshenko. She made the extraordinary claim while addressing compatriots on the country’s Const

The Gas Princess said: “The Ukrainian state has an undeviating constitutional tradition. In 1710, when civilised Europe was tentatively mulling over the separation of powers, and baron de Montesquieu even didn’t start writing The Spirit of the Laws, Ukraine had its own constitution by Pylyp Orlyk.”

Timoshenko also claimed that she once read that the U.S. and some of the European constitutions were copied from the Ukrainian one. However, she failed to recollect the source.

It seems Timoshenko's mysterious recollection will remain unanswered.