Amen to all that! Three churches built in 24 hours

The ambitious simultaneous construction of three churches in the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian capitals in just 24 hours has been completed on schedule. The remarkable project in Moscow, Kiev and Minsk marks one thou

Construction teams used modern technologies, which make the building process faster and cheaper. The churches were built from special wooden blocks and the cost of each is estimated to be three or four times lower than that of its traditional counterpart.
According to Vladimir Mikov, of the Russian Orthodox Philanthropist Club sponsoring the event, the Moscow part of the project is estimated at a little more than 40 thousand euros.

“In times of financial crisis we do not think about porcelain iconostasis, rather our project wants to make good the deficit of churches in remote districts,” he said.

The churches were erected in areas of the cities where there are no churches. It’s hoped it will help satisfy the spiritual hunger many Russians still feel after years of Soviet atheism.

The construction in Moscow

The construction in Kiev

The construction in Minsk