Alleged prostitutes look to clear reputation

French justice has returned their belongings but they want more. Two Russian girls detained in the course of last year's Courchevelle prostitution affair, into which well-known Russian tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov was mired, now want to clear their reputation

Prokhorov was detained by French authorities on January 9, 2007, in the luxury alpine ski resort of Courchevelle. Police suspected Russian prostitutes had been brought to the resort and paid with gifts from luxury boutiques.

Two of the four girls have recently triggered a lawsuit in France in an attempt to restore their reputation. They demand material consideration. The girls claim they had no compulsory sexual relations with any of the Russian businessmen in Courchevelle. They currently consider themselves victims in this affair.

The girls' lawyer is now demanding that a French court questions the policemen who arrested the girls and the officers and then claimed they'd revealed an international prostitution ring.

Inquiries into both cases are still underway.