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30 Jan, 2008 21:00

All for a Porsche: model dies in carjacking

Russia's most famous female bodyguard Anna Loginova has died after trying to intervene when her Porsche was carjacked. The stolen vehicle was found later abandoned.

According to witnesses, just as Loginova opened the door of her vehicle to get in, a man lunged at her and threw her to the ground. He jumped into the driver's seat and drove off.  But as the car screeched away, Anna stayed clinging on to the door.

She was dragged for almost 100 metres before she let go and then her head hit the ground. The impact was lethal.

“There was a crucial factor in this situation – a criminal took her car but she overestimated her ability to stop him. It is a common mistake even with highly experienced men,” said Mikhail Vinogradov, a criminal psychologist.

The top model's Porsche was found just few blocks away from the crime scene.

Police are continuing their search for the man.

Twenty nine-year-old Anna Loginova was also one of Russia's top models. She was known for advertising the world's top luxury brands like BMW and Chanel.

Not just a pretty face, she was equally as successful in the security industry. Anna ran her own VIP security agency and her employees were reportedly trained by ex-KGB staff. The celebrity was even a bodyguard herself.

Loginova was rumoured to have provided bodyguards for the world boxing Champion Kostya Tszyu.

For Loginova, this was her second encounter with hijackers. Last year a man attacked her in attempt to steal the car. But to his surprise – she broke his nose and twisted his arm using a few swift Jujitsu moves. The man only just managed to escape.