Airline director dies in plane crash?

The general director of Russian airline S-Air was reportedly among five people killed when a business jet flying from Moscow to Belarus crashed on Monday night.

The Hawker 800 corporate jet failed to land on the first attempt, and then disappeared from radars while preparing for another approach.

A rescue search resulted in the discovery of the crash site some four kilometers from an airfield near Minsk. The remains of all five people listed for the flight were found in the area.

The causes of the crash are unknown, but a flight recorder has already been recovered. A team of Russian aviation experts will help Belarusian colleagues in investigating the incident.

The plane belonged to S-Air airlines, which specializes in business charter flights. Preliminary reports say the company’s head Marat Romashkin was on board and died in the crash.

The crashed Hawker was one of four owned by S-Air. Early reports said the aircraft was a Falcon, but later it was clarified as a different model.