Air display rehearsed in Moscow region

Preparations are underway to stage the largest ever air display in Russia. It will take place on Sunday in the Moscow region as part of the celebrations of the 95th anniversary of the Air Force.

The pilots, who will form the core of the aerobatics display, have been going through their routines.
All the pilots of the fighters, bombers, and helicopters displayed great skill in their high-risk manoeuvres, some performing loops and barrel-rolls.
The famous aerobatic teams, the Swifts and the Russian Knights, showed precision and bravery by flawlessly synchronising their movements just inches apart and a few feet off the ground.
And their airmanship is getting ever closer to perfection, according to Anatoly Nogovitsyn, Air Force Deputy Chief.
“It was our third rehearsal. I can tell you this one was the best, partly because of the weather being suitable, but also due to the improvement of our flying skills,” said Col. Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn.