“Aged” Russian planes to get reliable engine

Six SU-25 ground assault planes have been modernized for Russian Air Force. According to experts, they can easily compete with even the most modern aircraft, but cost a fraction of the price.

The Russian Air Force command doesn’t hide the fact that it’s ten times cheaper to modernize a plane than to make a new one. They assert it would be very unreasonable to write off planes, which are used, but still reliable.

Cheaper prices for modernized planes and for their maintenance are not the only advantage of SU-25. Constructors say the most desirable quality is their reliability and longevity. These SU-25 are fit and ready to be sent to military airbases.

Vladimir Mikhaylov, Russian Air Force Commander-inChief: “These machines will serve for 30 or 40 years more. And the number of missions they are capable of is three times more than before.”