Afghan car bomb kills 16

A suicide bomber has killed 16 people, including 14 school children, in the east of Afghanistan. The driver of a 4x4 vehicle detonated the bomb outside a primary school. Fifty-eight other people have been injured.

The pupils were reportedly walking past a military checkpoint when the vehicle exploded.

The attack took place on the last day of the school term when children aged between eight and ten were being presented with their academic certificates.

Police believe a meeting of tribal elders held nearby was the target.

The deadly blast follows another suicide car bombing which claimed 33 lives in north-west Pakistan on Sunday. The search for survivors under the rubble continues.

A suicide bomber targeted a school where voters were casting ballots in a by-election.

Voting was suspended after the attack.

The explosion follows reports of Pakistan’s army redeploying its troops away from Taliban bases in the area.