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Aeroflot & S7 buy 52 planes in Paris

Russian airlines Aeroflot and S-7 have agreed to buy more passenger planes from the European aviation giant Airbus. The multi-billion dollar contracts have been signed at the Paris Air Show, Le Bourget.

It's the third day of the aviation show in France and a number of deals have already been signed between Russia and other courtiers.

Aeroflot is buying 22 A-350 Airbus carriers for $ US 3.5 BLN, while S7 airlines is buying 25 A-320 planes from Airbus at the price of about $US 1.6 BLN.

In addition, there has been an announcement that another Russian airline, Ural, is buying four A-320 Airbus aircraft.

As for other deals signed, Italian giant Alenia Aeronautica has bought 25 % plus one share in the Russian Sukhoi Company. Sukhoi is also selling some of its SuperJet 100 passenger planes to another Italian airliner – ItAli, which is based in Pescara.

The show has traditionally seen Boeing and Airbus vying for orders. This year has not been an exception with both companies trying to upstage each other announcing billion dollar deals at the Paris Air Show. Airbus is showing it has recovered after its recent troubles

Boeing has also announced a number of deals. The aircraft manufacturer is going to sell some of its 787-Dreamliners to the L.A. based international Lease Finance Corporation.