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16 May, 2024 08:55

Russia-China ties are model of relations between great powers – Xi

Vladimir Putin has said cooperation between Beijing and Moscow does not pose a threat to other nations
Russia-China ties are model of relations between great powers – Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping has hailed ties with Moscow as a “model of relations between large powers,” as he met with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in Beijing on Thursday. The Russian leader also talked up ties between the two countries, emphasizing that they are not a threat to other nations.

Putin arrived in Beijing on Thursday for a state visit – the first since he was sworn in for a fifth term as president earlier this month. The Russian delegation also includes a number of ministers, with negotiations expected on a range of joint projects.

During the meeting, Xi said relations between modern-day China and Russia, which span nearly 75 years, have been “tempered in difficult conditions [and] stood the test of a fickle international situation.”

Ties between Beijing and Moscow are a “model of relations between large powers and neighboring states, characterized by mutual respect, trust, friendship and mutual benefit,” the Chinese president stated, adding that this cooperation is in the best interests of the world.

The Russian president agreed, saying, “our cooperation in world affairs is one of the main stabilizing factors on the international stage.” China and Russia both “defend the principles of fairness and the democratic world order based on the multipolar realities and international law,” he stressed, adding that relations between the two countries “are not aimed against anyone.”

According to Xi, the fact that he has met with Russian officials on so many occasions during the past few years has helped Beijing and Moscow plan ahead strategically and develop cooperation.

The Chinese leader said Beijing “highly appreciates” Putin’s choice of China for his first foreign visit in his new term in office.