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9 Apr, 2024 17:32

Islamic State calls for attacks on football venues – Al Azaim

The terrorist group has issued a call to “kill them all” ahead of upcoming Champions League quarter-finals
Islamic State calls for attacks on football venues – Al Azaim

The terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has called for attacks on UEFA Champions League games, according to a message issued on Monday by the Al-Azaim Foundation – a media channel connected to the Afghan wing of the extremist organization dubbed ISIS-K.

The same group has claimed responsibility for the March 22 terrorist attack in Moscow, in which four gunmen went on a shooting spree at the Crocus City Hall concert venue before setting the building on fire. At least 144 people, including six children, were killed in the massacre and over 500 have been injured, it’s estimated.

In its post, the group attached an image featuring a masked jihadist holding an AK-47 rifle, with a caption reading: “kill them all.” The picture also lists four major football stadiums where the games are set to take place this week. These include Parc de Princes in Paris, Emirates Stadium in London and the Santiago Bernabeu and Metropolitano Arenas in Madrid.

UEFA has confirmed that it is aware of the threats but has insisted that the games would go ahead as planned, with “appropriate security arrangements in place.”

Spanish Police have stated that they have activated their “alert” and “response systems” in light of the threat. French Interior minister Gerald Darmanin has also announced that security will be “considerably reinforced” at Parc des Princes. London’s Deputy Assistant Commissioner Ade Adelekan has told MailOnline that the British police force was “aware” of the threat and assured the public that a “robust policing plan” was in place.

Adelekan further noted that the UK terrorism threat level remains at “substantial,” suggesting that an attack is still likely. However, he insisted that the police were working closely with the Counter Terrorism Policing force to plan for events taking place in London, and to “take into account any relevant information that could help us to keep those attending safe.”

“As ever, we ask the public to remain vigilant, and if they see anything that doesn’t look or feel right, then report it to police or security staff,” he said.