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6 Mar, 2024 14:53

German MP calls for attack on government buildings in Moscow

Strikes on the Russian Ministry of Defense and intelligence service are necessary, Roderich Kiesewetter has said
German MP calls for attack on government buildings in Moscow

Russia’s Ministry of Defense building or the HQ of the country’s intelligence service in central Moscow are legitimate targets that should be attacked, the deputy chairman of the German parliament’s oversight committee, Roderich Kiesewetter, has stated.

The lawmaker, who is a former German Army (Bundeswehr) general staff officer, insisted that Ukraine should take the war to Russia.

“Ukraine should be given the opportunity to take the war to the Russian territory,” Kiesewetter told a talk show on state broadcaster ZDF, noting that Defense Minister Boris Pistorius had already called for the same in April 2023.

“The only thing I will add from my side is that it is also necessary to attack the Russian Ministry of Defense or the intelligence service,” the MP said. “It is absolutely clear that this is not about civilian targets and not about the people, but about explaining to the Russian population that they are the aggressors,” he added.

When asked by the host of the show whether Kiesewetter thought that the attack on Moscow would be rational, the politician responded that those were Pistorius’ words.

“To attack Moscow with Taurus missiles?” the host asked. “No... now you are putting words into my mouth. No, if, within the framework of the agreement, we oblige Ukraine to use missiles only in the occupied territories, then they will act according to this principle,” Kiesewetter argued.

The calls for attack on Russian government buildings come amid the latest diplomatic row between Moscow and Berlin, following the leak of an audio recording in which German military officers discussed a potential attack on the Crimean Bridge.