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4 Feb, 2024 21:34

Ukrainian leadership is delusional – historian

President Vladimir Zelensky apparently believes that inflicting a defeat on Russia is possible, Tarik Cyril Amar says
Ukrainian leadership is delusional – historian

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine would have never happened without the interference of the West and its “insane” idea of an ever-expanding NATO, Tarik Cyril Amar, an associate professor at Koc University in Istanbul, believes.

Speaking to RT’s Oksana Boyko on Worlds Apart, the history professor shared his thoughts on the insistence of both Kiev and its Western backers on inflicting a decisive battlefield defeat on Russia – which seemingly remains unchanged despite all the setbacks the Ukrainian military has suffered. For Kiev, such a belief might actually be genuine, he suggested.

“Regarding the Ukrainian leadership, I would not be able to tell. I have a guess that President Zelensky himself is, basically, delusional and has become drunk on his own rhetoric as well as the flattery that he used to receive from the West. I think it has really deranged him a bit and disturbed his relationship to reality,” the RT.com contributor suggested.

In the West, the understanding that such a goal is not viable has become more prominent, and talk of continuous support for Ukraine is, at least partially, a “negotiation tactic,” the professor argued.

“Concerning the West, my guess is that quite a few people in Washington and in the EU as well understand that they have to get out of this war without a Russian defeat. Now do they understand already how much they have to concede? Again, I can’t tell,” Amar stated.

Western decision makers, particularly in the US, apparently still “live in the 1990s” and refuse to realize that the age of “unilateralism” is over. The Russian leadership, as well as China and Iran, live in the present, Amar claimed.

Without Western interference, the conflict between Kiev and Moscow would have never started, and multiple opportunities to bring it to an end were deliberately sabotaged, including the Minsk agreement of 2015 and the Istanbul talks of March 2022, Amar said.

“The roots of the war do really go to 2008, the infamous Bucharest summit, when both Georgia and Ukraine were put by the West into this insane position of saying’ One day you’ll be in NATO, but not now,’ which, of course, exposed them and made them threats for Russia.”

The West’s insistence on fueling the conflict largely stems from two ideas, Amar explained. The West “simply won’t give up on its idea of expanding NATO, which in itself is an insane idea,” as well as pursues a “long-term geopolitical strategy of getting Russia down,” as it refused to accept Moscow’s resurgence following the 1990s turmoil.

Watch the full video below: